Good Afternoon Players, Coaches and Parents,

Starting with our 12:30 Games, we will be implimenting 2 minute water breaks at the midpoint within each half.

games will go in the following format

Four 7:30 minute running Quarters
After Quarters 1 & 3 there will be a 2 minute break
Between Quarters 2&3, teams will recieve a 5 minute water break.

Aloha Staff

7/21/2019 12:18 PM

Attention Big Kahuna Players, Coaches, and Parents,

Starting with our 1pm Games, Game times will be shortened to Four 8 minute running Quarters for the rest of today.

After Quarters 1 & 3, teams will receive a 2 minute break.
Games will also include a 5 minute halftime between Q2&3.

Each coach will receive One 1 minute timeout each half. (1 TO for Q1&2, 1 TO for 3&4)

Game times will still reamin the same 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm

Tomorrows game times will follow the same Four 10 Minute Running Quarters as todays game.

Tomorrows Playoff Rounds, Semis and Championships will follow the Aloha Tournaments Playoff format with a few adjustments to accomadte extended Water Breaks.

Playoff & Championship games will consist of two 15 minute running period. A Five minute timeout will separate the periods at which time the teams will change ends of the field. Each team will have one 1 Minute timeout per game at which the clock will stop. The clock will stop on all whistles during the last two minutes of the game.

Aloha Staff

7/20/2019 12:38 PM

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